Highly proficient Energy-efficient Modular Online UPS designed for small and medium Data centers

HUBNETIX POWLINE has designed and manufactured M-Series, a highly efficient modular scalable Uninterruptible Power Supply to provide premium quality solutions for medium sized communication networks, server rooms, small & medium-sized data centers and mission critical applications. This HUBNETIX online Double-conversion UPS system, featuring modular, scalable design with high efficiency voltage and frequency, is an ideal for the protection and maximum energy saving of a wide variety of critical IT systems. For every user HUBNETIX’s mission is to provide power protection that ensures the highest availability and the lowest cost of ownership. Its reliable performance guarantees an enduring and stable power supply. HUBNETIX M-Series is ranging from 10 to 90kVA, with its flexible configuration of 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1, compact structure, modular architectures design makes it compatible with 19” rack cabinet to integrate conveniently with servers. HUBNETIX offers reliable and flexible secure power even in most multifaceted challenges, creating solutions that enables systems running without shutdown—and business running smoothly. To ensure superior protection for critical loads, HUBNETIX M-Series keep connected equipment operational during routine maintenance or critical power module failure. In additional, powerful battery charger ensures rapid recharge, increasing its ability to manage longer back up times.


Rack Modular Design

Modular design, compatible with 19” standard rack cabinet, convenient to be integrated with servers

High Power Density

10/15kVA power module in 2U height, saving great amount of space, easy for capacity expansion

Integrated Solution For Data Center

UPS can be integrated with battery cabinet, PDU and external maintenance bypass, offering excellent choice

Intelligent Charging Management

The system intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improving the life time of the battery

Flexible Configuration

The system can be configured to 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1 without derating

Friendly Interface

7” touch color LCD with graphic display, more information touch color LCD with graphic display, more information displayed and easier for customer to operate

Smart Sleep Function

System can intelligently shutdown some power modules to increase total load rate, achieving higher efficiency

Self-Aging Mode

Energy internal circle technology, system can run with full load ,saving more than 90% energy


  • Data centers
  • Healthcare sector
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications Service sector
  • Industrial applications

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