LANLINE Industrial Cables from HUBNETIX is supplied to a variety of industries. LANLINE’s high performing industrial cables support a wide range of applications and are designed to meet or exceed performance requirements for rugged industrial environments. This Cable is used in tough, demanding applications. This type of cable works in high temperature environments as well as high-voltage uses. It can withstand harsh treatment such as abrasion and contact with flames. LANLINE offers custom and standard cables and retractable cords for industrial instrumentation, factory automation, data, and network systems featuring signal, control, instrumentation and power. Our products are certified to a number of approvals and standards not limited to UL, CE, RoHS2 and more.

LANLINE deliver many types of Industrial Cable, including Multi-Conductor Control and Power Cable, Armored Power and Control Cable, and more. These Industrial LANLINE Cables are used in many applications, including industrial robotics, power generation, seaport cranes, and petrochemical and natural gas production

Key Applications
  • Communications
  • Signal transmission
  • Single ended transmitters
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Transmission devices
  • Multi-point networks
  • Converters & Repeaters
  • Computer EIA RS-232, RS-422 & RS-485 applications
Available Cables:
  • Instrumentation Cable (300 Volt) Datasheet
  • Instrumentation Cable (600 Volt) Datasheet
  • Flexible Control and Flexible Power Cable (600 Volt ) Datasheet
  • Multi-Conductor Control Cable and Power Cable (600 Volt) Datasheet
  • Industrial Power Cable (600 Volt ) Datasheet
  • Industrial Medium Voltage Power Cable (2.4kV - 35kV) Datasheet
  • Industrial Armored Cable (600V - 35kV ) Datasheet
  • Armored Power and Control Cable (600V - 28kV) Datasheet
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