VEULINE is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of complete solutions for Closed Circuit Television - CCTV surveillance. VEULINE is providing an extensive range of CCTV surveillance products specialising in versatile security cameras for home and commercial use.

We, a leading IP camera suppliers and Network Video Recorder - NVR providers, have an aggressive presence in the IR day/night camera market. Over the years, through constant product innovation and utilizing the latest technologies, VEULINE products have gained the confidence of global customers. Our solutions are being used in many different projects across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. These include small projects with only a few cameras to large-scale projects. Whether it is for industrial applications, banks, hospitals, hotels, airports, petrol and metro stations, government or legal offices, corporate and retail businesses or city surveillance, VEULINE offers customized solutions for all application areas.

VEULINE Surveillance solution Features

  • Complete Intelligent surveillance solutions
  • Professional high speed dome cameras
  • Intelligent auto tracking high speed dome cameras
  • Remote monitoring packages (PIR’s and speaker alert)
  • Remote access (iOS, Android, PC’s)
  • IP, HD or analog based CCTV systems
  • Various IR distance options up to 150m
  • ONVIF 2.2 compliant
  • Dual stream compression Technology
  • Available H.265 HD IP cameras
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