HUBNETIX Corporation Announces Opening of New Office in Middle East


London, United Kingdom, Date:08-February-2015 – HUBNETIX Corporation, a leading global distributor of communication and security products, announced today the opening of a new office in Dubai/Jebel Ali Fz, United Arab Emirates. This operation will focus on the commercial and government opportunities in Middle East & Africa and compliments Hubnetix’s existing presence especially in GCC markets.

Hubnetix's direct entry into Middle East is one another significant milestone for the Company. Hubnetix investing to expand their data and voice network infrastructure systems and Hubnetix is strategically positioned to capitalize on this opportunity through the marketing of its products and solutions.

Commenting on the new office opening, President and CEO of Hubnetix, said, "We are pleased to open our Dubai/JFz new office in UAE and look forward to gaining new opportunities of distribution and partnering with the excellent team that can successfully built and led our business for long term. Consistent with the strategy we have decided, the Hubnetix’s operation represents an important step with our emerging markets growth initiative while also leveraging Hubnetix's existing geographical presence and logistics capabilities. Furthermore, as a leading global distributor, Hubnetix immediately positions in UAE as a stronger and more significant player in the MEA markets. Combined with Hubnetix's current existing five major product lines - Lanline, Cabline, Powline, Veuline and Netline business, we will continue to expand the product lines and lead the market and grow the business throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions."


Hubnetix is a highly reliable and reputed global manufacturer of Structured Cabling Solutions, Network Cabinets & Racks, Active Devices, UPS Systems and Security Surveillance Products. HUBNETIX specializes in delivering superior technology products and solutions to clients using the latest innovations in the industry combined with solid technical expertise. We pay attention to our clients and their needs and deliver to them products to meet those needs. Through our professional approach, our number of partnerships and accreditations held, HUBNETIX has developed a strong reputation with clients, which encourages us to continually improve the product portfolio and solutions that we deliver to customers and thus expand our business. To learn more, visit the Hubnetix Website at


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HUBNETIX realises that innovation is the mainstay of any business and this belief allows us to successfully serve our growing global customer base.

HUBNETIX is committed to grow within the ICT industry by constantly improving but without deviating from our key goals and product segments. This forward-thinking approach is supported by a long practice of excellence in strengthening our products and enables us to provide advanced solutions to our partners.

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